New York Legislature Passes Bill in Support of Same-sex Marriage

Update: Cuomo has signed the bill. It’s official!

One more US state has dragged itself out of the stone age, thanks to a majority of New York state senators voting in favor of same-sex marriage. Once Governor Cuomo signs the bill (which he will, as he introduced it in the first place), marriages can begin taking place in 30 days.

New York is the most populous of the now seven states to stand up for equality. Maybe when New York manages to avoid being consumed by fire and brimstone, it’ll help sway other states.

Even in this hour of victory, it’s hard not to get angry reading the statements of the bill’s opponents. It’s impossible to state a dissenting opinion without sounding like (and revealing oneself to be) a complete asshole. For a taste of the sour grapes, direct your attention to Reuters.

Special accomodations were made in the bill to allow religious organizations to opt out of performing the rites for gay couples. Assholes, rejoice! Your right to continue being assholes is protected; I’m sure your gods would be proud.

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2 Responses to New York Legislature Passes Bill in Support of Same-sex Marriage

  1. participle says:

    It’s hard not to disqualify objections from the Catholic Clergy who are confused on this subject, to say the least. Their response to the criminal act of homosexual rape by persons of authority and trust, against those too young to consent and too weak to fight, was to ignore it, transfer the offender to an unsuspecting parish, or pay out millions on the condition of silence.
    Which comedian, when paraphrasing Catholic Clergy’s views, said “Homosexuality is not something which should be sanctified by marriage; it is a sacred act between a priest and his alter boys?”

  2. Avid Reader says:


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