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Grandma Bernanke’s Flour Canister

I hate comparisons between household budgets and Government budgets. Things which work in the micro-economic environment fail in the macro-economic environment, often because of the Fallacy of Composition. But this scenario is so cute I’ll make an exception. – Grandpa … Continue reading

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Brogan was right

Apple Cash Exceeds U.S. The latest statement from the U.S. Treasury, shows the government had operating cash balances of $73.8 billion. Apple had $76.2 billion in cash and equivalents ending June. The numbers prove Brogan Nibley was correct when he observed a couple … Continue reading

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Is it time to read 1 Kings 3:16-28 again?

Professing love of Country as their sole motivation, the Tea Party Republicans are prepared to do irreparable harm to this Country. It seems to me we’ve heard this story before. By a subterfuge King Solomon outed the true motives of … Continue reading

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Fareed Talks Sense, as usual

I always love what Fareed Zakaria has to say, especially when he agrees with me. In this post he untangles the claims and counterclaims regarding the Debt Ceiling with the fundamental insight that when a legislature votes to authorize spending … Continue reading

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Google ‘Shopping’ Leads to Big Discounts and Security

For the fourth or fifth time Google “Shopping” led me to a significant discount on an item, and the discovery of a store I would not otherwise have known to deal with. The fact that the listed sources use Google … Continue reading

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