Bitterness and Animosity Dominate Internet Comments

I can’t help but be intrigued by the level of hostility and animosity which creeps into internet comments on the most mundane topics.

This morning I read a Forbes Blog about light bulbs with particular focus on the advantages of LED bulbs. The topic is not one I would expect to engender deep or divisive emotion. Yet, before the discussion proceeded very far it had devolved into name calling and rancorous debate.

Is this a prose style designed to garner readership? Is it a true indication of how many truly bitter people crawl the web? Have the shock jocks of talk show radio become the prototype for public discourse? Could the answer lie in Godwin’s Law?

One particularly vile Web Creep has left a trail of homophobic, anti-muslim, anti-athiest, anti-liberal comments which appear and reappear in so many venues that it is hard to believe it is just 1 person. If it is only he, peppering the web with hate must be his full time job.

His identity is concealed but his internet connection runs through FOX/OC3/INTERNET SECAUCUS at 9 Broadcast Plaza in Secaucus New Jersey. This invites a whole new level of conjecture.

I might never know the answer. Regardless of the cause, this rampant “Webitterness” takes a lot of the fun out of it for me.

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