Sunday Shorts for July 31, 2011

   Sunday Shorts for July 31, 2011

iPad Antenna, No kidding – it works!

My Wi-Fi signal is so week at the far end of the house that my iPad [which is not known for having the best Wi-Fi reception] runs at a snail’s pace and often fails to see the signal at all. After reading of others’ failed attempts to use repeaters and extenders with the iPad, and having failed in my own effort to use one [my laptop loved the repeater] I thought I’d try improving the reception with a silly solution. To my amazement it works wonderfully. Now the iPad is fast and has yet to loose the signal at the furthest location.

It’s a strip of  aluminum foil folded to a thickness of 4X, wrapped around the back of the iPad and slipped, with the iPad, into the case. When you close the case it is happy to comply at the fold and when you are ready to use it you “raise” it. It’s not available at the Apple store and carries no guarantee. But it certainly is worth a try if your iPad Wi-Fi is on the hairy edge.

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