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Pixar Dream House Comes True in Utah

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Energy Release and the Richter Scale

We have thrown around Earthquake ratings like this 5.8[R] to indicate that we are using the Richter scale, as do most sources describing quakes. Before comparing any two numbers on that scale it is important to realize the scale is … Continue reading

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North Anna becomes NRC Focus

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has a crew at Dominion Power’s North Anna reactors to help assess recorded seismic data and evaluate the safety of the plant following the August 23 earthquake centered in Mineral, Virginia. The inspection is unusual, said … Continue reading

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1955: The Dodgers in 7 Break Yankee Dominance

It was the most exciting time ever for 10 year old Dodger Fans, especially if their father was a dyed-in-the-wool Yankee. When you went to Ebbets Field the photos on the Baseball cards [which never left your pocket] came to … Continue reading

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NetFlix Decision Day

Don’t forget that you must select your new NetFlix Plan before tomorrow or they will assume you want both the Mail and the Download service.

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On Gold

“if you take all of the gold in the world and put it into a cube, it would be about 67 feet on a side and you could get a ladder and get up on top of it. You can … Continue reading

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Heacock Speaks to WSJ about North Anna

David Heacock, the top Nuclear guy at Dominion had this to say to the Wall Street Journal about the North Anna Nuclear Reactors: David Heacock, chief nuclear officer for Dominion, said Monday that experts are still analyzing data from some of … Continue reading

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