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What comes after Industrialization?

It’s no accident that China is experiencing economic growth [about 9%], and to a greater or lesser extent the nations who were late coming to the industrial revolution are all growing. Meanwhile the nations who pioneered industrialization, Britain, The United … Continue reading

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Sunday Shorts for September 25, 2011

Sunday Shorts for September 25, 2011  Life lessons in competitive lock picking is an intriguing video short from the BBC.

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Does a Cultural Opt-Out Make Sense?

Anybody wishing to understand the Greek Debt Crisis should do as I did last night and watch Never on Sunday. The easy going lifestyle which is Greece, is the central character of the story. It is also the central character … Continue reading

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Dow Support at 10,800 collapses in response to fear campaign

In four posts, August 8th August 12, August 24, and September 14 we tracked the formation of a Base in the DJIA around 10,800. This week that support level seems to have eroded in response to fear injections from the Fed, … Continue reading

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Lessons from George Carlin

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Eric Cantor ready for Rosh Hashanah

By the time House Majority leader Cantor celebrates Erev Rosh Hashanah on Wednesday, FEMA will be broke. Unless the Senate accepts the House version of the FEMA funding bill which cuts other budget items in accordance with the Tea Party … Continue reading

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The GOP limits its appeal more with each new debate

By allowing their followers to define them, the G.O.P. is narrowing its appeal. The silent encouragement which the Republican Presidential Candidates offer their extreme followers is, little by little painting the Party and the Candidates into a corner which excludes … Continue reading

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