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Are Pennsylvania Authorities Confused About Sex?

A week after the horrendous Penn State molestation scandal, which lasted at least ten years without attracting the interest of law enforcement, the authorities appear to be intent on showing they mean business. CBS reports that 6 teenagers are being … Continue reading

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It’s Time Obama Considered Re-Branding

It’s hard to gain consensus when the political environment has made dialog impossible. Although philosophical issues are blamed for the impasse, I doubt Tea Party supporters, for example, really look into the issues that deeply. I maintain Language is the … Continue reading

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Austerity: the Banker’s Solution; the People’s Problem

Austerity is the most oft-repeated word on the evening news. It’s the vogue in Europe as Greece and Italy are taken over by economists. [After all, who better to call in to do the dirty work of imposing doom than … Continue reading

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Small Size, Big Sound – Part 2

There is not room or time to share all the smart engineering which went into the FoxL speaker we talked about a few days ago, but after days of almost continuous use under varying conditions I am ever more amazed. … Continue reading

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Hey, Paterno. Did you have to choose?

Must you choose between being a decent, responsible adult and being a winning football coach? I never really thought you did, until the shame of Penn State came to light. Archive of Joe Paterno at 100th win of a record total … Continue reading

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A New Surprise in Loudspeakers?

There are not many loudspeakers which have the ability to surprise me. But now there is another to add to the short list. In 1957 The Quad Electrostatic Speaker ESL-57 surprised the world with a fundamentally superior means of producing … Continue reading

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Angela really, really, doesn’t get the Greeks

Angela is determined, and the birth of Economic Democracy now looks less certain. Rather than giving the Greek 99% a choice of whether or not to take further austerity measures upon themselves, the Central Bankers insist that they will decide. … Continue reading

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