Greece is still the Cradle of Democracy

When Goldman Sachs restructured Greek debt some years ago, a major portion of their financial problem was concealed with clever accounting. Needless to say, the 99% had nothing to say about the deal struck for the benefit of the 1%.

Now the 99% is being asked to give up their lifestyle to pay off the debt to save the 1% who were stung by Goldman and to preserve the Eurozone.

If Greece had it’s own currency it could devalue, which would bring Greece into a more realistic equilibrium with its more productive Euro-mates. But as long as they remain a Euro based economy they have no such option.

Now the 99% will get to vote on whether they agree to be shackled by Angela Merkle’s plan to “save” the Euro.

It’s appropriate that Greece is the first place where Economic Democracy takes hold. The 99% are actually getting to decide what happens to the 1% that hold the Golman Sachs Greek Debt.

Still think OCCUPY WALL STREET is irrelevant?

This is only the beginning.

The next vote will be in Italy.

When they return to the Lire and devalue, some beautiful bikes, cars and suits will be on sale. Even some of the 99% will be able to buy one.

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