Hey, Paterno. Did you have to choose?

Must you choose between being a decent, responsible adult and being a winning football coach? I never really thought you did, until the shame of Penn State came to light.

Archive of Joe Paterno at 100th win of a record total of 409

Joe Paterno, apparently believed that choice was necessary, and he knows more about it than I. At 409 he won more victories than any other football coach in the FBS.

But Joe, you sure turned out to be a poor excuse for a human being.

Think it’s unfair that your whole life shall forever be undermined by your one poor decision?

Ironic but just.

In that way you are exactly like the young victims molested after you decided to abandon them.  Their lives too, are forever undermined by your bad decision.

How proud would be the Mikado. Your punishment fits your crime.

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