Small Size, Big Sound – Part 2

There is not room or time to share all the smart engineering which went into the FoxL speaker we talked about a few days ago, but after days of almost continuous use under varying conditions I am ever more amazed.

The battery life, contrary to recent reviews, is about 8-12 hours at reasonable volume levels. The reviewer who found it to be 5 hours must have been driving it near full volume, which is something you are unlikely to do with a ‘near field’ speaker design.

To underscore the portability of the FoxL, I offer this shot of the speaker next to an iPod nano with a Sony Bluetooth adapter. The unobtrusive combination is able to provide great sound at room filling volume, no strings attached. The limitation is the drain on the nano’s tiny battery which provides about 2 hours, [independent of volume levels, of course.]

Using the connecting cable which comes with the FoxL you could eliminate the battery drain on the nano and listen many hours at the compromise of convenience.

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