It’s Time Obama Considered Re-Branding

It’s hard to gain consensus when the political environment has made dialog impossible. Although philosophical issues are blamed for the impasse, I doubt Tea Party supporters, for example, really look into the issues that deeply. I maintain Language is the key to acheiving  consensus.

Their are certain buzz words which exude American Power and are almost certain to garner Right wing support. It’s about time that Obama started to use them.

“War” and other POWER words places everyone on notice that the program is:

  • a serious national commitment,
  • a matter of survival
  • likely to require resources, sacrifice and commitment
  • a matter of National pride
  • something you can’t oppose without being a traitor

The Right has used the word “war” and other Power words effectively for years, even when selling programs which themselves are terrible failures. The “War on Drugs” immediately comes to mind.

The Right is conditioned by now, to support any program which is a matter of American Power.

So here, in an effort to reopen political dialogue is the re-branded list of Democratic Programs:

  • The Disease Defense Initiative replaces Obamacare.
  • Critical Food and Agricultural Subsidy and Survival Certificates replace Food Stamps.
  • Special Forces for Strategic Smog Defense replaces the EPA.
  • The North American Saving Defense Command replaces the Consumer Protection Agency.
  • The War on Stupid supersedes Education funding programs.
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