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It’s Time Obama Considered Re-Branding

It’s hard to gain consensus when the political environment has made dialog impossible. Although philosophical issues are blamed for the impasse, I doubt Tea Party supporters, for example, really look into the issues that deeply. I maintain Language is the … Continue reading

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Cain beats Perry in Texas according to U of T Poll

Perry thought if he can make it in Texas he can make it anywhere. His first rude awakening was to find that presumption untrue. But his latest realization must be an unimaginable humiliation, as a University of Texas Poll finds Cain … Continue reading

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You can’t say we didn’t warn you about Herman Cain!

Our May 21st Post was very clear on this point. Herman is no joke. Now that the NY Times / CBS Poll shows him comfortably in the lead we will make our next Herman Cain prediction. Guess who’s coming to … Continue reading

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Too Many in Race Cause Pile-up in Las Vegas

Of course I refer to last night’s debate in which Republican Presidential candidates demonstrated that they share little politically, other than the desire to replace President Obama. As usual the only guy willing to say what he really thinks is … Continue reading

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Aw Gee, I really liked you, Herman Cain

Your tailoring is impeccable; each new tie is nicer than the last; your record of achievement is admirable; and Nine, Nine, Nine was brilliant. While every other Republican was intransigently saying “Nein, nein, nein” to every Obama proposal, and identifying … Continue reading

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Does a Cultural Opt-Out Make Sense?

Anybody wishing to understand the Greek Debt Crisis should do as I did last night and watch Never on Sunday. The easy going lifestyle which is Greece, is the central character of the story. It is also the central character … Continue reading

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Lessons from George Carlin

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