Your North Anna Nuclear Emergency Plan – PLANNING LINKS

This page is under development. More links will be added. REV 1.0 11 07 21 

Nuclear Emergency Preparedness

Click the Dominion Logo at Left for access to their Nuclear Emergency Preparedness page. Be patient as it can sometimes take as much as a full minute for the entire page to populate. Every item in Blue on their page is a link to further information even though it does not follow the convention of being underlined.

Here is a list of the information you should collect from this site and note on your Planning Template.

NOTE: We intentionally did not transcribe information from the Dominion Nuclear Preparedness Web Page to this Site because their information can be, and often is, updated from minute to minute. Keep this in mind when making your plan.

  1. Scroll down to Surrey and North Anna – Emergency Planning.
  2. To see a list of the Local TV / Radio Stations which will broadcast emergency information to keep you informed in the event of an emergency Click on their link titled EAS Radio and Television Stations — North Anna Area. Note the ones which apply to you on your TEMPLATE.
  3. To see a list of the Local Evacuation Assembly Centers, and get a Map with Driving Directions from your home to the Assembly Center, Click on their link titled North Anna Area — Local Evacuation Assembly Centers. Click on the Center(s) that apply to you and you can print a MapQuest Map & Driving Directions to the selected destinationAttach the Map to your TEMPLATEYou can make other plans, and in some cases you may need to, but the advantage of going to the specified site is that there is staff and equipment which can measure your radiation exposure, and decontaminate you, in the unlikely event that might be necessary.
  4. To get the phone number of your Emergency Management Coordinator Click on their link titled Emergency Management Coordinator/Official. Note the two numbers which apply to you on your TEMPLATE. This is the go-to person if you have questions about your own evacuation plan.

General Information

Anti-Radiation Tablets from a well informed, reliable supplier.

Read what they have to say about the importance of thyroid blockers by clicking the image on the Left.

Their guaranteed $5 no-questions-asked replacement means your tablets will never be outdated.

National Institute of Health Published Study shows K103 Potassium Iodate is just as effective as Potassium Iodide but with a much better shelf life in humid environments.

The US First Responders Association has an interesting posting from member Janet Liebsch.

Click the Image at Left to read NUKE POWER PLANT EMERGENCY. 

This page is under development. More links will be added. REV 1.0 11 07 21 


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