Your North Anna Nuclear Emergency Plan

This page is still under development. REV 1.0 11 07 21

This webpage will help you prepare a plan
you are not ever likely to use.
But you should check it every so often,
like the tire pressure in your spare,
and the batteries in your smoke detectors.
Click the “Planning Links” Logo to get started.

Despite the dramatic history of Nuclear Generated Electrical Energy it is relatively safe.

The number of lives lost, due to dramatic disasters like those at Chernobyl, and Fukushima, are dwarfed by the death toll from black lung disease and accidents associated with the mining of coal for coal fired generating systems.

Additional benefits to the environment resulting from lower carbon emissions is the icing on the cake.

Nuclear Reactors are everywhere. In Ships, Submarines, on College Campuses, at Scientific Research Centers, and in Nuclear Power Generating Stations around the world.

Nuclear safety is, in part, the responsibility of those living near Nuclear Reactors.

Just as it is good practice to locate emergency exits when you enter a movie theater or stay in a hotel, so it makes good sense to plan your exit from the area surrounding a Nuclear Reactor.

You have lots of help in preparing your plan, from emergency planning experts at Dominion Power, the Commonwealth of Virginia, The County in which you live, and the Virginia Department of Agriculture which plays a role in securing your house pets in the event of emergency.

Our goal is to streamline your effort to pull together the information you need by providing links to webpages with relevant information, and a template you can complete to summarize the information you want to keep handy. Click the “Planning Links” Logo at the top of the page to proceed to a Page of Helpful Resources.

This page is still under development. REV 1.0 11 07 21

Special Thanks to Mr. Stephen M. Wood and Mr. Larry Comstock of Dominion Power, without whom this effort would not be possible. 


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